Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.

Host, 'Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion'

I hold a Ph.D. in physics from UCLA. My cable TV show, Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion, was 1 of the 4 original series to premiere on the SCI-FI CHANNEL when it was launched. It focuses on the scientific evidence for UFOs and ETs, paranormal phenomena, cryptozoological entities, weird crime, bizarre medicine, strange people, and anything else of an unusual and fascinating nature.

I have been a regular on "A Current Affair"(2005), "9 On The Town"(with a UFO segment), "Strange Universe," "Weird TV," and "Ancient Aliens"(on the History Channel).

I co-host a radio program on Blog Talk Radio,"Hypergalactic Enigmas."

I have posted 528 segments on my youtube Channel,

My primary blog is