Dr. Harlan K. Ullman

Strategic Advisor to leaders of government and industry. Author.

Dr. Harlan K. Ullman is widely recognized both in the United States and abroad as a global thought leader and highly innovative strategic thinker whose advice is sought by businesses and governments at the highest levels. For three decades Dr. Ullman has played an active role in the formulation of national security policy in Washington, NATO and foreign capitals of Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and the Far East. He is the principal architect of the doctrine of “shock and awe,” although he opposed the second Iraq war and the misuse of the concept in waging that conflict.

Dr. Ullman serves on the Senior Advisory boards for Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), one of NATO’s two strategic commanders, and Commander of U.S. European Command (EUCOM). He is a senior advisor and a member of the Strategic Advisors Group at the Atlantic Council, and also sits on the advisory board of Business Executives for National Security, both non-partisan think tanks in the fields of national security and international affairs.

In the private sector Dr. Ullman is chairman of The Killowen Group, a firm that advises senior executives and government leaders. He is also chairman of high technology infrastructure providers, CNIGuard Ltd and CNIGuard Inc. Ullman is a board member of Capital Guardian Asset Management Opportunity Fund, as well as the advisory board of SPS Inc., a high technology building materials company. He is director emeritus of the Wall Street Fund, one of the nation’s oldest mutual funds.

A distinguished graduate of the Naval Academy, Ullman led over 150 combat patrols and missions in Vietnam in Swift boats and later commanded a destroyer in the Persian Gulf. For three years he oversaw the course on military strategy at the National War College in Washington, D.C. He was awarded a PhD from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in international politics and finance.

Dr. Ullman is a prolific writer and commentator, a columnist for UPI and the Daily Times of Pakistan and a frequent guest on national and international television and radio programs. His newest book, A Handful of Bullets--How the Murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Still Menaces the Peace (Naval Institute Press) is due out later this fall. He is the author of seven other books including, America’s Promise Restored: Preventing Culture, Crusade and Partisanship from Wrecking Our Nation, (Carrol and Graff, June 2006).