Dr. Munr Kazmir

Doctor, businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist

<html> <body> <p><br>1995 Humanitarian Award Receipeint, Child Protection Comission State of New Jersey<br> <br>1997 Gold Medal Award Receipient, Chabad of Greater Somerset County<br> <br>1997 Theodore Hertzel Award Recipient, Prime Minister of Israel and State of Israel<br> <br>1998 Humanitarian Award Recipient, Chabad of Greater Somerset County<br> <br>1998 Proclamation Receipient, Governor Christie Todd Whitman<br> <br>2000 Englewood Board of Directors Award, Englewood Board of Directors Annual Gala<br> <br>2000 Bonei Yerushalayim Award Recipient, Jewish Reclamation Project<br> <br>2001-2014 Appointed State Commissioner, New Jersey Lottery<br> <br>2001-2009 Member of Board of Trustee/Executive Committee, Liberty Health System<br> <br>2001 Distinguished Community Service Award Recipient, ALEH<br> <br>2001 Honorary Doctorate Receipient, Rabbinical College of America, Morristown, NJ<br> <br>2001 Congressional Recongitionn House of Represntatives, Congressman Steve Rothman, NJ<br> <br>2001 Special Award Recipient, Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Secaucus, NJ<br> <br>2002 Maimonides Award Recipient, Keren Or Organization<br> <br>2002 Foundation Board Member, Hackensack University Medical Center<br> <br>2003 Board Appointee, United States Meidcare Coverage Advisory Committee<br> <br>2004-2009 Appointed Chairman, Liberty Health System Foundation<br> <br>2005 Humanitarian Award Receipeitn, Be'er Hagolah Institute, Brooklyn, NY<br> <br>2005 Board of Directors Appointee, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs<br> <br>2005 AHRQ National Advisory Committee Appointee, US Sec. of Health & Human Services<br> <br>2006 Legacy Award Recipient, Hackensack University Hospital and Medical Center<br> <br>2006-2013 Board Appointee, National Federal Drug Enforcement Foundation <br> <br>2006-2007 Selection Committee Appointee, Presidents Commission on White House Fellowships NY Regional Panel<br> <br>2006 Honoray Award Recipient, Liberty Health System<br> <br>2006 Certificate of Appreciation Recipient, DEA Special Agent in Charge John Gillbride<br> <br>2007 Benefactor Award Receipient, George Washington University<br> <br>2007 Board Appointee, DEA Survivor's Benefit Foundation Corporate Commitee, NY Region<br> <br>2008 Certificate of Appreciation Recipient, DEA Special Agent in Charge John Gillbride<br> <br>2010 Board Appointee, NORPAC<br> <br>2010 Board of Govenors Member, Republican Jewish Coalition<br> <br>2010-2012 Elected Vice Chairman, NJ Lottery Commission<br> <br>2011 Recognized by Bureau Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)<br> <br>2011 Distinguished Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipient, National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations<br> <br>2011 NJHealth Care Facilities Financing Authority Board Member Appointee by Governor Christie<br> <br>2011 Campeones Award Receipent, Hispanic Leadership Program<br> <br>2011 Certification of Appreciation Recipient, FBI Newark Division<br> <br>2011 Bergen County 200 Club Member<br> <br>2012 Asian Pacific Community Award Recipient, Special Agent in Charge Michael Ward<br> <br> 2012 Appointed Board Member, American Jewish Congress <br> <br>2013-2015 Board Member of Development Committee, NJ Drumthwacket Foundation<br> <br>2013-2016 Board of Trustees Member, Cooper Medical School Board of Directors<br> <br>2014 Denise Shea Memorial Award Recipient, Drug Enforcement Agency<br> <br>2014 "Never Forgotten" Award Recipient, DEA Survivor's Benefit Foundation<br> <br>2015 Board Member, American Council for World Jewry<br> <br>2016 Humanitarian Award, Chabad of Greater Somerset County<br> <br>2016 Recognized Honoree, Broadway House for Continuing Care<br> <br>2016 Distinguished Citizen of the Year Award Recipient, NJ State Troopers Coalition<br> <br>2016 Elected Vice Chairman, New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority<br> <br>2016 Elected Vice Chairman, American Jewish Congress<br> <br>2017 Board Appointee, NY Medical College<br> <br> 2017 Reappointed to serve on New Jersey HealthCare Facilities Financing Authority Board by New Jersey State Senate and Governor Chris Christie<br></p> </body> </html>