Dr. Natasha Josefowitz

Author and internationally known business consultant and keynote speaker

At 90 years young, Dr. Natasha Josefowitz has spent her life educating herself and others. Her latest project focuses on how men and women grieve differently and takes a new approach to the different stages of grief. Her latest book, Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without, is a reflection of her research and personal experiences on the subject.

Formerly, Natasha was a professor of management for 30 years and is an internationally known business consultant and keynote speaker. For 10 years she had her own weekly program on public radio and a monthly segment on television. She has also been a guest on numerous radio and TV shows including All Things Considered, The Larry King Show and The Dr. Ruth Show to name a few. Dr. Josefowitz is the best-selling author and award-winning poet of 20 business and poetry books. Her articles and poems have been published in over a hundred journals and magazines including the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, the London Times, and most major newspapers in the United States. You can read her bimonthly column in the La Jolla Today and San Diego Jewish World website. Natasha has received the Living Legacy Award from the Women’s International Center and was named by the San Diego Business Journal as one of San Diego’s “Top Guns.” She says that laughter is the best medicine and laughing at ourselves and with each other will help us heal faster. The Washington Post says: “Natasha Josefowitz is helping her generation, and those that follow, find their way into a successful, meaningful and fun older age… her optimism about aging is inspiring.” Her twentieth book is Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without: Hope and Healing after Loss. For more information, visit