Dr Raj Persaud

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Raj Persaud is a Consultant Psychiatrist who has worked as a <br> Consultant at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley NHS Hospitals in London <br> from 1994-2008, and as an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of <br> Psychiatry, University of London. These are the premiere research and training institutions <br> for Psychiatry in Europe. <br> <br> He was also Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA <br> and Institute of Neurology at Queens Square. His training in psychiatry <br> since leaving UCH medical school in1986 was entirely at the Institute of <br> Psychiatry and the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals. <br> Unusually for a psychiatrist, he also holds a degree in psychology, <br> obtained with First Class Honours, and 8 other degrees and diplomas <br> including a Masters in Statistics. He was awarded the Royal College <br> of Psychiatrists’ Research Prize and Medal as well as The Maudsley <br> Hospital's own Denis Hill Prize, and The Osler Medal. The Royal <br> College of Psychiatrists' recently also awarded him the Morris Markowe <br> Prize for his Public Education endeavours. <br> <br> In 2004 he was appointed Visiting Professor for Public Understanding <br> of Psychiatry at Gresham College, and he was asked by the Royal <br> College of Psychiatrists to edit its first book aimed at educating the <br> public on psychology and psychiatry. 'The Mind: A Users Guide’ was <br> published in 2007 and reached the top ten best-seller list. All of his 5 <br> previous books have been top ten best-sellers. <br> <br> His writing is in several established textbooks, including the Oxford <br> Companion to the Mind and he has contributed a chapter in the latest <br> comprehensive textbook of psychiatry for trainees: Psychiatry – An <br> Evidence Based Text. He has approaching 100 publications in Journals <br> such as The British Journal of Psychiatry, British Medical Journal and <br> The Lancet. <br> <br> Recently he was elected Fellow of University College London and the <br> Royal College of Psychiatrists. He is patron or supporter of numerous <br> mental health charities including OCD-UK, The Manic Depression <br> Fellowship, Association of Post-Natal Illness, Childline, Action Aid <br> and The Samaritans. <br> <br> The Independent on Sunday Newspaper conducted a <br> poll amongst members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the <br> Institute of Psychiatry to discover who were the top ten psychiatrists <br> in the UK as rated by fellow psychiatrists. Dr Raj Persaud was the <br> youngest doctor to make it into this esteemed list.

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