Dr Sanda Moldovan

Periodontist, Nutritionist, Integrative Oral Health

Dr. Sanda Moldovan provides a new dimension to patient care as a renowned periodontist and nutritionist with the practice philosophy “the mouth is the gateway to your overall health”. As one this country’s premiere implant surgeons, Dr. Moldovan focuses her practice scope to full mouth rehabilitation, advanced grafting and augmentation procedures with practices in Los Angeles and New York City. An active lecturer in implants and integrative nutrition, Dr. Moldovan has taught many dentists and aspiring implant surgeons through UCLA’s Implant A-Z course and raises general public awareness of the complex interplay between general and oral health through the periodicals: Well Being Journal, California Women’s Magazine and Prevention. A regular fixture on CBS’s the Doctors and RadioMD, Dr. Moldovan utilizes these forums to promote oral health, innovations in dentistry such as the All-on-4 treatment and general physical wellbeing.
When not fulfilling her duties as a celebrity doctor, Dr. Moldovan regularly volunteers her time towards charitable endeavors such as Homeless not Toothless a nonprofit organization located in the heart of Brentwood. An active writer and blogger, Dr. Moldovan utilizes the reach of social media to promote health and wellness