Dr. Tim Goldsmith

National expert in the often-perplexing behavior of tweens/teens.USC grad.Husband, dad to 2 young adults. Steven Tyler’s fan.

Tim Goldsmith, Ph.D., is chief clinical officer at Youth Villages, where he directs a staff of clinical specialists who oversee the treatment of more than 23,000 children and youth every year.

Rock superstar Steven Tyler has announced Janie’s Fund, a philanthropic partnership with Youth Villages to bring hope and healing for many of our country’s most vulnerable girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect.

All parents have moments when they wish they could consult with an expert. If you have a question about your tween or teen’s behavior, send it to If Dr. Tim and his staff of experts feature your question in a column, he’ll change names and other specifically identifying information. For more:;

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