Dr. Lee-Anne Gray

Psychologist, Author, Educator, and National Speaker.

Lee-Anne Gray, PsyD, is a psychologist, educator, and author. She is certified in EMDR, a trauma treatment, as well as a national speaker and expert in special education, mindful awareness, LGBT+ youth, self-compassion, compassion, empathy, self-empathy, assessment, and gifted individuals. As the president and CEO of The Connect Group, she currently serves the global educational community with innovative professional development seminars in empathy, compassion cultivation, Design Thinking, and transformational coaching. Prior to this, Dr. Gray was supervising psychologist at the largest special education nonprofit organization in the nation. She also enjoyed a thriving private practice where she used EMDR to promote peak performance in students, families, professional athletes, and high-performing executives. She is formerly an instructor of Psychology of Gender in the Departments of Psychology/Women’s Studies at UCLA. Dr. Gray is a contributing author to Pedagogies of Kindness and Respect, where she discussed Educational Trauma and Empathic Education for a Compassionate Nation (EECN ). Along with young people as equal participants, Dr. Gray co-founded and co-designed EECN (a democratic educational model, shaped by Design Thinking), piloted as The Connect Group School. The Connect Group School is an example of students practicing self-compassion as one way of mitigating and healing Educational Trauma. Dr. Gray's book: Self-Compassion for Teens was the #1 NEW RELEASE on Amazon in Child Popular Psychology & in Emotional Mental Health. Her next book is on LGBT+ youth.