Dr. Janet Page

Psychotherapist, private practice in New York City and Atlanta, is available for appointments, consultation, or speaking engagements in person or by phone, Skype, or Secure Video. Author of Get Married This Year: 365 Days to "I Do".

Dr. Page is a psychotherapist working with individuals, couples, and groups in New York City and Atlanta. Janet is available for appointments, consultation, or speaking engagements via phone, skype, or in person. She has been featured extensively in the media including appearances on CNN, HLN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, WQXI, WSB, Pro Business Channel, ABC in London, and PBS in Tel Aviv. and articles in the New York Times, New York Magazine, The New York Daily News, The London Times, Wall Street Journal, Men's Health Magazine, US World and News Report, The Ladies Home Journal, Glamour Magazine, HLN Magazine, Fox News Magazine, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Self Magazine, The Men's Book and L.A. Singles. She speaks to audiences around the country about how to win in committed intimate, and business and professional relationships, keeping sex and romance alive, and building self-esteem, friendships, and team success. For 14 years, she was a regular on Noonday News, NBC WXIA's, and for 3 years, a regular on"Peachtree Morning", and "Goode for Parents". For 23 years, she was an Adjunct Professor at Emory University " for 11 years an instructor at The New School, and an Instructor at New York University and Columbia University. Dr. Page's book Get Married This Year was published in U.S. by Adams Media in 2012, in Korea in 2013, Poland in 2014, and in Japan in 2015.

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