Dr. Mindy McNeal

Creator of the Hey, You! ADHD App. Providing practical solutions for families living with ADHD.

♦ WHAT I KNOW… The only behavior that can’t be changed is death, less is more, routine is like a playpen…it keeps the good in and the bad out, every person deserves quality health care and education, you can hate the behavior and still love the person, family and friends keep me sane, and ambiance does mask my lack of cooking skills. ♦ SELF-DESCRIPTION… Eclectic, voracious reader, perpetual student, dedicated, creative, absent minded, dream doer, and due to my 5’2” stature friends would say cute and perky…this and a head full of curly gets me a lot of head petting! ♦ ABOUT ME… Teacher of… health, special, elementary and collegian education, barber, crafter, child/parent advocate, friend, and mom. ♦ WHY HEY, YOU! LLC I created Hey,You! by combining my passion for helping people and taking care of my family. It is my hope that our products help alleviate family stress so that all involved can lead lives filled with love, laughter and fun. Dr Mindy McNeal. …. Visit… for more information about Hey, You!

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