Duncan Maru

father, physician, epidemiologist, fired up up about healthcare in rural areas

I am an epidemiologist and physician trained in internal medicine and pediatrics interested in rural healthcare delivery. I work in Nepal with the organization Possible (formerly known as Nyaya Health), which I co-founded. Possible builds high-quality, affordable rural healthcare systems that gain access to the poorest and appeal to the growing middle class in rural Nepal. We achieve this through a public-private partnership we have with the Nepali government, where we, as a private sector entity, manage public sector facilities. We integrate the district healthcare system, from frontline health worker to district hospital. Central to the challenge is creating a revenue and management model where provider incentives are aligned with high quality care and population health outcomes. Our research arm, the Healthcare Systems Design Group, conducts implementation research studies for policy and practice change. I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Division of Global Health Equity. I also practice part-time on the Complex Care Service at Boston Children’s Hospital, where I take care of hospitalized children with neurologic impairment and teach resident pediatricians.