Will Durst

comic, author, columnist, cheeseburger acolyte, former margarine smuggler, sf giants fan.

With the sacred cows begging to have their pomposity punctured, America cries for a man with the aim, strength and style to hit them where it hurts the funniest. Will Durst is that man. Described as “the thinking man’s comic” by The Oregonian, he transcends party ties, having performed for 3 elected presidents, (Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, Al Gore) and entertaining at both a Mayors Convention and Governors Conference. As current as the day’s headlines, Durst is a self- described Raging Moderate, specializing in “comedy for people who read or know someone who does.” His first book, “The All American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing,” was based on the acclaimed one- man Off- Broadway show of the same name. The New York Times: “Durst is at his sly savvy best. Highly recommended.” The Epoch Times: “A political comic and performance tour- de- force, Durst attacks both the left and the right and hits the bulls eye every time.“ Fox News: “A great political satirist.” “The New Yorker: “Durst has perfected a verbal jitterbug of comedy.” Durst writes a weekly nationally syndicated humor column, voices commentaries on many radio stations, is a bi-monthly columnist for The Progressive Magazine, yet still finds time to perform hundreds of comedy shows a year in theaters, clubs, banquet rooms and moldy basements around the world. He has been published by National Lampoon, George Magazine, The New York Times, the Atlanta Journal- Constitution, the Las Vegas Review- Journal, the Milwaukee Journal and many other journals and reviews. He was also a regular columnist for both the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner; from the latter he’s been fired twice. 5 books, 6 CDs, 2 HBO specials. Hobbies include the search for the perfect cheeseburger while his heroes remain the same as when he was 12: Thomas Jefferson and Bugs Bunny. And despite universal reproach, he still squeezes ketchup on hot dogs.

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