Dwayne Raymond

Author of Mornings with Mailer


Dwayne Raymond, a member of The Author's Guild, lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts. From early 2003 to the end of 2007 he was editorial aide to author Norman Mailer. He was raised in Oregon, schooled in Vermont and then traveled for a decade throughout the US and Europe before settling in Boston. Raymond has written for The New York Times Brief Guide to Essential Knowledge, The Mirror, In Newsweekly, and The Boston Reader. He wrote and was a producer for the NBC daytime news magazine show Real Life, and served as associate Producer for MTV’s Real World Boston. He Moved to Provincetown in 1998. A few years later he began doing research for Mailer. He worked as Mailer’s editorial assistant on his final four books, Modest Gifts, The Big Empty, The Castle in the Forest and On God: An Uncommon Conversation. Raymond’s memoir, Mornings with Mailer, a memoir detailing his unique friendship with the author, was published by Harper Collins/Harper Perennial on January 26, 2010.