Earl Shellner

Patient Advisor at Anne Arundel Medical Center

Earl Shellner is 40 years old & lives in Odenton,MD. Both his parents were in the military so he was born in Madrid,Spain & spent his early years living there & Germany before moving to Texas at the age of 9. He did extensive traveling throughout Europe while living overseas with parents visiting different countries such as Denmark, Holland, France, Belgium, & Austria. Due to living overseas at a young age, he became a huge soccer fan playing it & baseball into his high school years & still enjoys watching both sports now. He also became a huge Dallas Cowboys fan since mothers side of the family is from Texas & living there for a few years before moving to Maryland. His other hobbies include reading, playing poker, & watching or reading anything about World War I & II. While his family was traveling through Europe they visited Dachau concentration camp, Ann Frank's house, & many other sites related to the world wars so he believes his wanting for more knowledge on the subject began early in life. As for employment, He spent over 7 years working for Chili's with nearly 5 of which as a manager before spending the next 10 years working in marketing and I.T. He is looking forward to returning to the restaurant industry but this time as a franchise owner.

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