Marcus and Tamisha Washington

Husband and Wife Food Bloggers, Fit Enthusiasts, Health Coaches and Travel Junkies.

Him, Her and a Fork consist of Him-Marcus Washington, Her-Tamisha Washington (Formally known as Everett, until “him” put a ring on it), and a Fork-the utensil (sometimes absent) that carries us through our foodie adventures. The blog is not a bunch of pictures of food on a plate. You can get that anywhere. We are here to show you that eating with your eyes isn’t always a bad thing and how our relationship with food leads to a healthy, happy, satisfying lifestyle. We will share our good days and our bad days, our best food moments and the stuff that should have come with a hazard label. We will not only share with you the food we eat while out, but the creations we make at home (“Him” is a wonderful cook who loves to bake and has his own bakery catering business/”her” is a great assistant when she feels like it) and a bit of our lifestyle, being sure to include fitness tips and nutritional information that may help you on your own fitness journey. We hope that you enjoy and follow along. Welcome to Him, Her, and a Fork!