Ebenezar Wikina

Digital Journalist & World Economic Forum Global Shaper

Born on August 10th 1992, Ebenezar Wikina hails from Kono in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. He is a digital journalist who is passionate about the role of new media in advancing the work of diplomacy and sustainable development. Ebenezar currently serves as Digital Communications/Research Officer at the Government of Rivers State Sustainable Development Goals Office. He contributes regularly on various local and international platforms such as; The Huffington Post, Ventures Africa, UNICEF Voices of Youth, City News Port Harcourt; and his writing has been featured on the United Nations Website, the World Economic Forum Blog, Agenda, CNBC Africa, to mention a few. On his globally-read interview column, The Stroll, which he started in 2013 with his mobile phone, Ebenezar has engaged over 120 global leaders and change makers around the world including, Mr Ahmad Alhendawi (The UN Youth Envoy), UN Under-Secretary-General Gyan Acharya, Under-Secretary-General Babatunde Osotimehin (Exec Director, UNFPA), Assistant-Secreta0ry-General Lakshmi Puri (Deputy ED, UN Women), Richard Wurman (Founder of TED), Elsie Kanza (Head of Africa, World Economic Forum), Crown Prince Haakon Magnus (Crown Prince of Norway), The CNN Freedom Project, Stephen Sackur (Host of BBC HARDtalk), Owen Benneth Jones (BBC World Service Presenter), Ndaba Mandela (Grandson of Nelson Mandela), Koko Kalango (Project Director of the Port Harcourt World Book Capital City Project), Femi Oke (Host of Al Jazeera’s ‘The Stream’), to mention but a few. He recently introduced The Stroll Live where he plans to organize live virtual mentorship sessions for young people willing to meet with previous/future guests from The Stroll. In November 2014 Ebenezar organized TEDxYouth@OrdinanceRoad, the only TEDxYouth event in West Africa that year, and has previously volunteered for TEDxStadiumRoad, TEDxPortHarcourt, and TEDxPortHarcourt Salon. In June 2015 he was one of the outstanding 80 youths and Global Shapers from around Africa selected to represent their hubs and countries at the 25th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum on Africa which held in Cape town, South Africa, where he was also a speaker at a public session on “technology and media consumption” alongside fellow speakers; Honourable Minister for Information in South Africa, Hon Faith Muthambi, Uzodinma Iweala, Editor-in-Chief of Ventures Africa, to mention a few. In June 2016, Ebenezar was elected Curator of the Port Harcourt Global Shapers Hub which has one mandate, to #ShapePortHarcourt.