Ed Gragert

Director, Global Woods Consulting, bringing the world into classrooms and ensuring education for all

Dr. Edwin H. Gragert is Director, Global Woods Consulting, helping educational institutions become global and working to ensure universal access to a quality education worldwide. He earlier served as Interim Global Coordinator of the Global Campaign for Education, with its secretariat in Johannesburg, South Africa. Prior to this, he was the Director of the Global Campaign for Education-US. GCE-US is a coalition of over 80 national and local organizations working to ensure a quality education for all worldwide. Formerly, he was Executive Director of iEARN-USA. Since 1988, iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) has pioneered the educational use of innovative communications technology and teacher professional development to facilitate on-line collaborative project-based learning in elementary and secondary schools in 140 countries worldwide. Ed led a team that enabled iEARN to become the world's largest K-12 online education network. He served as the Executive Director of ICYE-US, an international high school and community service youth exchange program and also served on the staff of the International Relations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ed received a BA in Japanese political science from the University of Washington and an MA in Korean History from Columbia University. His PhD at Columbia was in Japanese history, focusing on landownership changes under Japanese colonial administration in the early 20th century. "Landownership Under Colonial Rule: Korea's Japanese Experience," was published by Columbia and the University of Hawaii in 1994.