Eduardo Balarezo

Founder, CEO of Lonesome George & Co.

Eduardo Balarezo is the Founder and CEO of Lonesome George & Co. A former CEO and financier of a global conglomerate, Eduardo became a social entrepreneur in 2006 when he used his strong business savvy to create Lonesome George & Co., a social organization designed to inspire Agents of Change to bring change to the world through the choices they make. Eduardo channeled his passion for experiential learning and teaching youth about global interdependence by co-founding one of the world’s most respected leadership programs, Outward Bound Ecuador.

A leader in the social enterprise movement, Eduardo is a celebrated member of the Young Presidents Organization where he produced the best-rated Latin American Leadership Seminar “Alternative Futures and Multiple Bottom Line Businesses” and keynoted Outward Bound’s International Staff Symposium.

Eduardo holds a bachelor of the arts from Brown University; a master’s degree in science in foresight and strategic thinking from UHCL and a combined Global Executive Programme from IESE, Wharton Business School and China Europe International Business School.