Edward Flattau

Environmental newspaper columnist

Nationally syndicated environmental newspaper columnist Edward Flattau has published twice-a-week commentary since 1972 and is the longest running columnist in the field. His prize-winning column first appeared in June of that year when he took over the assignment from the late former Interior Secretary Stewart Udall. Udall had started the column on the nation’s first Earth Day in 1970 out of concern about the void of environmental commentary in American newspapers.

Flattau has written more than 3700 columns on pivotal environmentally-related events and personalities from his Washington base and around the country as well as from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. His work has appeared regularly in as many as 120 daily newspapers throughout the past four decades, and he is the recipient of ten national journalism awards.

Born in New York City, and a graduate from Brown University in 1958, Flattau also attended Columbia Law School. Starting his journalism career in 1960, Flattau was a political correspondent for the United Press International Bureau in Albany when in 1967 he was transferred to the Washington bureau to cover congress, various federal agencies and on occasion the White House. In 1972, Flattau was chosen by the late former interior secretary under President Kennedy, Stewart Udall to succeed him as author of the country’s first nationally syndicated environmental column.

Flattau is the author of Tracking the Charlatans (Global Horizons Press, 1998), a rebuttal of ultra-conservative and Libertarian environmentalism critics, which received positive reviews and has been widely circulated in environmental and academic circles. His second book, Evolution of a Columnist, was published in 2003 and also garnered positive reviews. In 2004, his third book, Peering Through the Bushes, a cutting critique of George W Bush's environmental record, was published and accurately anticipated the President's future actions.

Flattau is married and the father of two children and has lived in the nation’s capital for the past 40 years. His fourth book, Green Morality, Mankind’s role in Environmental Responsibility, was published in 2011. His latest well-received work, From Green to Mean, the GOP’s Downward Environmental Spiral, was released in the summer of 2016.

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