Ekaterina Botziou

Writer, Author, Blogger

Ekaterina Botziou spent much of her childhood battling against the Greek stereotype that a woman's place is in the kitchen and now defiantly spins as many plates as she smashes. After studying Law at University, she was signed by an acting agency and worked on several Hollywood films and British television productions, while moonlighting in the legal and financial industries. Inspired and frustrated by the madness of her Big Fat semi-Greek Life, Ekaterina chronicles her Hellenic dramas on her lifestyle blog “Ekaterina’s Greek Expectations” and has published three books 'Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing' , 'Theseus & the Mother-in-Law’, and ‘Seraphina: a short story in verse’. Ekaterina writes for various European and British publications and is also the founder of The Greek Wives Club.

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