Eli Kibrick

A Filmmaker born in the San Fernando Valley, his first film is a feature documentary called "Pretend". Now he works in shorts & features.

Eli Kibrick is a young filmmaker born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of California.

At 21 years of age Eli Kibrick’s first feature length documentary, Pretend, made its debut at the Temecula Film Festival and was a fan favorite. It chronicled a group of college students who felt like “outsiders,” and through a “Live Action Role Playing” group come of age and learn to accept themselves just as they are.

While working on the television series Between the Lines on PBS he met author, Terri Cheney, who was appearing on the show with her bestselling memoir, Manic. Eli was given permission to write the screenplay and is currently shopping the script.

In the interim Eli decided to film a short titled Arbuckle, a re-imagining of the Garfield comic with the focus on the forlorn Jon Arbuckle. The short raises the following questions: What if we were to look at Jon Arbuckle as a REAL man in our REAL world?

Eli is also currently in pre-production on another short based on the short story by Josh Baker, Do We Part.

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