Elisa Friedlander

Journaling fanatic, pain and disability advocate, psychotherapist, writer, dog lover, ASL fluent

Elisa Friedlander is a licensed psychotherapist. Currently unable to practice due to an excruciatingly painful neurological disorder, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), she is active in disability and pain communities. Much like her tendency to belt out 70’s music in the bathtub (the sappier the better), she often writes while submerged in water. Now that she extends some of her writing to the public, what happens in her tub no longer stays in her tub. Elisa has been published in a local mental health publication, a national medical newsletter distributed by, and contributes to The Mighty. Convinced that pain and humor must play nicely together, Elisa can be heard laughing with her wife moments after yelping out in pain during intermittent visits to the emergency room. Elisa loves living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her wife and best friend (one in the same) and their irresistible rescue dog, Zakai. A baby elephant would complete the picture. More of her story and other writing can be seen on her blog at