Elischia Fludd

Activist/Organizer, Social Entrepreneur, Journalist

Elischia is an award winning Advocate and Social Entrepreneur passionate about dismantling the effects of poverty via sustainable development, human rights, peace and gender justice. Elischia draws from personal and professional experiences in advocacy, policy making, community and empowering survivors of violent and sexual crimes. Her body of work as an activist/organizer includes co-initiating the collaborative advocacy that implemented the first comprehensive college sexual assault policy for the City University of New York in 2010, co-leading sexual assault prevention services in the South Bronx with NYC Alliance's project ENVISION, educating college and secondary school communities about human rights and providing direct services as a Sexual Assault Treatment Program (SATP) Advocate for rape and sexual assault survivors in the Bronx. Elischia holds a Forensic Psychology degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is finishing an MBA in Nonprofit Leadership at New England College. She is the Founder & Executive Director of EOTO World, an international capacity building organization,where she engages in projects and programs that provide technical assistance, community building, consulting and international policy-making advocacy with anti-poverty and peace activists. Also a freelance Journalist, Elischia writes about human interests, domestic and international politics, human rights, a culture of peace and sustainable development. When she's not advocating, writing or studying, Elischia enjoys relaxing at home and exploring the great outdoors.