Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, MD, MPH

physician and entrepreneur devoted to improving the patient experience

Radiation Oncologist and entrepreneur Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson has devoted her career to taking care of women. When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993, Elizabeth, then a medical student at Johns Hopkins, decided to focus her career on cancer treatment. She completed her residency at Harvard Combined Program for Radiation Therapy and obtained a Masters Degree in Public Health from Harvard in 1996. She has published numerous papers on the subject of breast cancer and radiation therapy.
In 2006, after years of breast surveillance, biopsies, and endless consultations with surgeons and genetic counselors, Dr. Thompson underwent prophylactic mastectomies. The experience led her to begin helping other women with the difficult decision-making and recovery from breast surgery.
She founded BFFL Co (“Best Friends for Life”) in 2011 to fill the need for well-designed, comfortable, patient-friendly recovery and treatment products such as recovery kits, bras for surgery, treatment and recovery. BFFL Co donates a portion of profits to charity, and creates custom products for hospitals, foundations and others.
Dr. Thompson resides in Westchester County, NY with her husband and four children. She is an active member of the Harvard School of Public Health Leadership Council, Johns Hopkins University Medical School Alumni Council, and the Mt. Sinai Hospital Dubin Cancer Center Advisory Board.