Elizabeth Denham and Andrea Norlander


Elizabeth Denham has a creative writing degree from FSU and recently released Sweeten the Deal: How to Spot and Avoid the Big Red Flags in Online Dating. She was a featured expert on television on John Tesh’s Intelligence for Your Life and has appeared on HuffPost Live, the Daily Brew and on Fox Studio 10. Elizabeth has been a blogger on the Huffington Post since 2012 and her writing has been featured on, the Raw Story and World News Network.

Andrea Norlander resides in New York City and is a freelance writer and editor. She infuses pop culture and humor into the conversation between women and their internal locus of control—focusing on the random and well thought out choices that women make and the repercussions that follow. Norlander believes that our lives are chock full of “vaguely significant others” which come with a notable emotional sticker price and that memories are revisionist. She is currently writing a memoir entitled Vaguely Significant Others.
As a publishing executive, Andrea has branded, repositioned and launched several publications including The Wall Street Journal, WSJ magazine, Jane, Nylon, Nylon GUYS and Shape to Interview,, Modern Painters, Art + Auction, Museums and Gallery Guide —just to name a few, in addition to being an adjunct professor at the Miami Ad School, MTV producer, a guest lecturer and stylist.

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