Elizabeth Gordon

Allergy-Free Cook

Elizabeth Gordon, author of Allergy-Free Desserts, lives in NYC and is the mother of two girls, three and six. She has an MSW from NYU and is a professional baker. Five years ago, after being diagnosed with gluten and egg allergies, Elizabeth turned her talent and passion for helping patients as a social worker into helping the millions of dessert lovers with food allergies nationwide continue to enjoy delicious desserts with her new recipes. Gordon switched careers in 2007 when she launched Betsy and Claude Baking Company, an online allergy-free private order bakery.

In addition to growing up surrounded by the culinary arts, her years of personal baking experience as a hobby-for family and friends, Elizabeth also trained in cake decorating under Toba Garrett at the Institute for Culinary Education and later interned for Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes in NYC. Undeterred by her allergies, Elizabeth still has a sweet tooth and stirs up new allergy-free recipes everyday. You can follow her on Twitter @allergyfreelife, get updates on her Facebook fan page, and read what she’s talking about on her blog, Allergy Free Life, where she offers tips and advice on baking, video webisodes, interesting articles, new developments-all allergy free and learn about her book, events, and new products on the website: