Elizabeth Hitchcock

Public Health Advocate, <a href="">U.S. PIRG</a>

Elizabeth Hitchcock is Public Health Advocate for U.S. PIRG and the U.S. PIRG Education Fund. Ms. Hitchcock researches and conducts advocacy campaigns on such issues as chemical security, toxics in consumer products and food safety. Prior to becoming public health advocate, she served for eleven years as the Communications Director for U.S. PIRG, working with the program and field staffs of the State PIRGs to release reports to the national and local media on such issues as product safety, enforcement of the Clean Water Act, toxic chemical accidents, preservation, safe energy alternatives and air pollution. Prior to joining the U.S. PIRG staff in 1990, she worked on a number of environmental campaigns with PIRGs in Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and Florida.

She has served for several years on the board of Earth Share, has been chair of their national board since 2006. She is a 1982 graduate of Mount Holyoke College.