Erica Latrice

Erica Latrice is an Empowerment Speaker, Published Author, & TV host.

Erica Latrice is an empowerment speaker, coach, ministry leader, and visionary.She is the author of 100 Ways to Conquer College and Jump Start Your Dream. Erica jumps out of bed each morning with a big smile on her face knowing that it is yet another opportunity to help someone become the best version of theirself. Erica is passionate to inspire others as well as help them makeover their lives and business through inspiration and empowerment. This is more than a career; Erica is on a mission to help millions of people worldwide understand their purpose and create the life that they were born to live. She has a true gift for empowering people to live out her mantra "Dream Big, Live On Purpose & Be Inspired!" She is currently the host of the Soft News & Talk show and founder of Be Inspired! Inc. an organization and ministry created to inspire in the areas of mind, body and spirit and passionate about her private community AmplifyHer Life. More information is available online at