Ellen Malcolm

Founder and chair of the board, EMILY's List

As founder of EMILY’s List, Ellen R. Malcolm has helped level the political playing field for women candidates; given women donors unprecedented influence in electoral politics; brought millions of women voters to the polls; and created a powerful movement dedicated to restoring progressive values to American government.

An acronym for “Early Money Is Like Yeast” (because it “makes the dough rise”) EMILY’s List is a political network for pro-choice Democratic women candidates that raises money to make women credible contenders, helps women build strong campaigns, and mobilizes women voters to go to the polls.

Since its founding in 1985, EMILY’s List has helped elect 15 pro-choice Democratic women U.S. senators, 80 U.S. representatives, and nine state governors. One of the largest political action committee in the country, EMILY’s List has over 100,000 members and raised over $43 million for candidates or political programs during the 2008 election cycle. In addition to being the public face and primary fundraiser for EMILY’s List, Malcolm in 2003 helped create America Coming Together (ACT), a massive nationwide organization dedicated to empowering and mobilizing voters. Malcolm served as ACT’s president in 2003 and 2004, helping to raise over $145 million for a sophisticated and personal voter contact effort in key states. Malcolm was also instrumental in the creation of America Votes, a coalition of progressive groups (including ACT and EMILY’s List) that work together to register, educate, and mobilize voters.