Ellen Miller

Co-founder and Executive Director of the Sunlight Foundation

Ellen S. Miller is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Sunlight Foundation. Prior to assuming this position in January 2006, she served Deputy Director of Campaign for America's Future where she directed its Project for an Accountable Congress. She is the founder of two prominent Washington-based organizations in the field of money and politics -- the Center for Responsive Politics and Public Campaign -- and a nationally recognized expert on campaign finance and ethics issues. She is a well-recognized public speaker, commentator, and writer on these issues. She has written frequently for, The Hill, The American Prospect, and The Nation. Her experience as a Washington advocate for more than 35 years spans the worlds of public interest advocacy, grass roots activism and journalism. In addition to her more than two decades of work on the issue of money in politics, Ms. Miller was the publisher of and a senior fellow at The American Prospect. She spent nearly a decade working on Capitol Hill.