Ellie MacBride

Building community at Patreon and Agape; drinking whiskey everywhere else.

I moved to San Francisco at the age of 19, when I promptly started referring to myself by an old nickname, and picked up a job waiting tables to pay for an overpriced garage I shared with my cat, a pit bull, and the pit bull’s eccentric owner. After slinging tapas for a year or so, I eventually upgraded from a garage to a windowless studio. My inability to know what time of day it was without looking at the clock kept my schedule interesting, and sometimes I would accidentally have scrambled eggs for dinner. Another year later, and I finally moved into a studio flooded with sunlight, which I celebrated by keeping the blinds closed most of the time, except for once a week or so, when I spied on the guy on the roof next door who painted abstract images on white canvases…in the nude. Nowadays, I live in a co-op in the Mission District of San Francisco with fourteen beautiful souls, and only miss the garage when I forget that I don’t even own a car. When I need inspiration, I wander, and when I feel inspired, I write. Most of what I write, you will never read, but what I do share with you will hopefully only give you nausea if you have forgotten to put your glasses on, and not because my writing is repulsive.

December 7, 2017

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