Ellington Haywood Ellis

Social Entrepreneur Reporter

Ellington began his business career by establishing a successful business (E&R Janitorial) while attending Mumford High School in Detroit. Ellington went on to earn his Bachelor’s in Economics and Master's Degree in Theology. He attended Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee. Ellington went on to establish the Greater Life Church (GLCC) of Pontiac, Michigan, GLCC was an innovated, first of its kind, multicultural membership ministry. The Church was designed around entrepreneurship and social responsibility. He combines his cultural anthropology knowledge and his business facilitation experience with technology to assist in the production of innovative technology products. Ellington's passion is entrepreneurship and social responsibility, having developed several businesses and assisted in several others. He is a principal of Ellington Capital Management a firm that assist in the development and funding of companies with innovative products. He is co-founder and managing Partner of Global Battery Solutions a firm committed to the development of Village Renewable Power Grids for use in developing Countries. Ellington was a lead member in developing a merged partnership between Battery Solutions, North America’s Largest Battery Recycler and Sybesma Electronics, for the collection and development of Lithium-ion batteries for re-application. Ellington is also a partner in U.S. Energy Engineers (USEE). The Innovative company designs, manufactures energy solutions products. USEE also offers complete renewable energy generation and energy efficiency solutions.