Ellis Weiner

Supermodel, wellness advocate, illness opponent, co-author, 'The Big Jewish Book for Jews'

Ellis Weiner was an editor of National Lampoon, a columnist for Spy, a contributor to ten thousand magazines, and a writer of children’s television. He is author of The Joy of Worry, the unjustly neglected but hilarious Drop Dead, My Lovely and The Big Boat to Bye-Bye, Santa Lives! Five Conclusive Arguments for the Existence of Santa Claus (Riverhead), and Oy! Do This, Not That! (Running Press).

He is co-author, with Barbara Davilman, of Yiddish With Dick and Jane, Yiddish With George and Laura, How to Raise a Jewish Dog, and How to Profit From the Coming Rapture (all from Little, Brown), as well as Arffirmations: Meditations for Your Dog, and CATechisms: Fundamentals of Feline Faith, from St. Martin's Press.

Their The Big Jewish Book for Jews will be published in July by Plume.