Elvin Aghayev

Senior Research Fellow & Middle East Program Director, The Independent International Political Research Center

Elvin Aghayev is a political scientist and columnist. He works as a Senior Research Fellow and serves as Middle East Program Director for the Independent International Political Research Center, a think tank based in Washington, D.C. As a leading academic on Middle East policy, fearlessly speaking truth to power is the primary objective of Aghayev’s work. He is a contributing editor of Political Research Quarterly, an international peer-reviewed journal run by the University of Utah and Western Political Science Association. Aghayev also contributes to The Huffington Post. He speaks English, Russian, Turkish, and Arabic. Through his position at IIPRC, Elvin has focused on a variety of critical international relations topics that continue to impact our world today. His expertise includes the following areas: Russian foreign policy since 1991, Russian-Syrian relations during the Soviet Union and Putin era, the “Arab Spring,” post-Cold War Turkish-Russian relations, post-World War II Turkish-German relations, Turkish foreign policy from the 1990s to present, the Bosnia-Serbia conflict, Russia-Serbia relations, and post-Cold War Third World conflicts. IIPRC is an independent political research organization that studies international relations in order to produce objective, accurate and reliable information for public consumption. The center is not an extension of any political, commercial or religious group and relies solely on accurate, well-documented research. The IIPRC staff includes independent researchers, academics, writers, journalists and activists. They focus on political, economic and sociological analysis, as well as international security, global peace and global politics. Aghayev is a member of several professional organizations including the International Political Science Association, EuroScience, World Association of Young Scientists, and the World Federation of Scientists. He has also been listed in the World Scientist Index for proactive contributions to the field of political research by the Australian Society for Commerce Industry Engineering.