Emem Washington

I am a dream ambassador, with a goal to wake up dead dreams. No matter how old you are or where you've been, your story is not over.

Emem Washington is a Speaker, Writer, Singer/Songwriter, Attorney and Motivator. She enjoys speaking on issues concerning women, youth and young adults and motivates others to have the courage to dream and to take steps necessary to achieve their dreams. She enjoys using her voice and words to inspire and motivate others to reach their full potential. Her advice and counsel have been sought after by many for many years. Emem brings positive energy wherever she goes. Having been through several challenges and setbacks, Emem knows what it is like to feel stuck, but also knows what it takes to get UN-stuck, regardless of how long one has been down. She has a desire to see people discover how to thrive and to realize that it is not too late (or too early) to accomplish goals. She has even released a song, “Flip The Page” (available on ITunes and other music outlets), which reminds listeners that no matter what it looks like, their story is not over,. Emem is happily married to Cedrick Washington and is the proud mother of 2 boys.

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