Emily Pereira

On a mission to help women bust the myth of perfection so we can discover our purpose, passion, and freedom. Become your own irresistible muse and create a life of ordinary magic.

Emily Pereira's mantra is simple: Be The Beginner and experience a freedom you never knew existed. As the Beginner you aren't supposed to know anything to begin with, so any step you take is success. With this simple yet forgotten truth, Emily awakened her once dormant creativity. In a few years time, she wrote a book, started a blog, learned to play guitar, write and sing songs, paint large canvases, and dance burlesque. to name a few. She discovered that becoming your own irresistible muse is the secret to a deeply fulfilling life, and she is on a mission to help other women access this magic living inside of them.

A Spirit Nature Certified Spiritual Advocate, Gateless Writing Teacher, surfer, and yogi, Emily inspires woman all over the world to connect more deeply with their adventurous, passionate, creative, playful selves, and most importantly, know their worth.

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