Emily Eden

A storybook with boobs.

*TWEET EMILY YOUR FEEDBACK @edenandtheapple* Emily Eden writes about dating and dream chasing in New York City in a modern world. Her articles are a reminder to never give up, be open and to live your life. After all; anything is possible. About Emily: Emily is from Hampshire, England. Having been treading the boards since a young age and a stint as a world-famous Butlin's Redcoat, she has continued to work as an Actress, Singer & Writer. She currently resides in Harlem and is known to the locals as 'The Queen of England' having graduated from the name 'Pinky'. She is vegan and does crossfit but won't tell you about either of those things, has rung the Nasdaq Bell and owns a black pug named after the late Bowie (#cupidbowie).

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October 3, 2016
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