Scott Yancey

Real estate expert, television personality, two time best-selling author

Scott Yancey’s face and name have become far more recognizable with the success of his hit A&E television show Flipping Vegas, but what may surprise viewers is that Scott has actually been working in real estate for more than 20 years! With his first deal happening when he was only 14 years old, it’s probably safe to say that this real estate guru knows his way around the market. Growing up in Studio City, CA, 14-year-old Scott hadn’t really thought about real estate until he was approached and asked if he would like to purchase a second trust deed on a home. When he was told of the benefits that could come back from this first investment, Scott decided to give it a try. It turns out that he would learn from this deal how his money could work for him, and that he could set his eyes a little higher on what he wanted to do with it. While in college, Scott again gained some experience in real estate while working as a runner for an investment company. He wasn’t expected to do much, he basically just pushed papers and ran errands. That all changed though, when his boss pulled him aside and asked if he would get a real estate license to help out with some of his deals. Taking his advice, Scott got the license, and ended up making so much in his first year that he decided to leave college to pursue a full-time career in real estate. There were other mentors and investors that contributed to Scott’s continued success, providing him with experience and knowledge along the way. But when the market crashed in 2007, Scott and his wife Amie contemplated leaving real estate for a few years until they felt the market had recovered enough for them to again see profit in their field. If they had chosen that route, it’s likely that Scott and Amie would be nowhere near where they are today. When he heard how little people were paying for properties in Las Vegas to then rent them out to tenants, Scott saw a golden opportunity. What would happen if he bought at the bottom? Whose to say the returns wouldn’t increase until the market again reached its peak? Epiphanies like these led to Scott and Amie again working in real estate, but with a slightly different approach. That approach of buying low and flipping high has led to the Yancey’s opening their own brokerage, hosting their own TV show where they give those watching the inside scoop on all their flips, and teaching others from around the world about different investment strategies that have the potential to take them to the financial security that they have experienced in real estate. Now a published author, TV star, and real estate educator, Scott Yancey seeks any and all opportunities he can to share his success with those who come looking for it. The hard work that he has put into years in an ever changing business have paid off, and now Scott is doing his best to pay it forward.