Eric Golman

Co-Founder of Javazen, health buff (not nut) and a coffee aficionado.

Eric Golman, a health-crazed entrepreneur, started his first company when he was just eleven years of age. During college, he created a company called Javazen. From the college dorm room to the board room, Eric is making a mark in the coffee and tea industries, one delicious and healthy brew at a time. Running Javazen comes naturally to Eric, who holds a B.S. in Economics. And Environmental Science. And Policy. With a Technology Entrepreneurship minor. All from the University of Maryland. (Wow, no wonder he developed a love affair with caffeine in college!) Academia and cum laudes aside, he is an ex record-setting powerlifter and a not-so-active sax-player for the one-man band “Golman Sax.” When he isn't crafting spreadsheets or acting as Javazen's grammar cop, Eric is contorting his ex-power-lifter frame on a yoga mat and reading a thought-provoking book he won't finish. He is also quite the health buff (not nut) and a coffee aficionado. Vegetarian food and Indian buffets make him happy, too.