Eric Kasum

Founder of the Imagine Institute, a think tank for Peace

ERIC KASUM is an ordained Buddhist priest. He is the founder of the Imagine Institute, a think tank for Peace ( Its mission is to empower everyone to change the world... one idea at a time. Based upon the guiding principle of a Reverence for Life, the vision of the Imagine Institute is to create a new story for humanity. Eric hosted the Imagine Peace conference at UC Berkeley on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. As a journalist, he wrote for The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times magazine group, and the Washington, DC bureau of CBS News. Eric also wrote speeches for the White House during the tenure of President George H.W. Bush (1990-91). Eric was the personal writer for Edwin Meese, President Ronald Reagan’s White House Chief of Staff and Attorney General. He also worked at a respected think tank in Washington, DC. His syndicated articles have appeared in more than 100 newspapers and magazines around the world. Most recently, Eric wrote for the Shinnyo-en Foundation, a Buddhist nonprofit dedicated to world peace. His first book, "100 of the Worst Ideas in History" (co-author Mike Smith) was published in 2014. He is working on two upcoming books "IMAGINE - How We Can Create a New Story for Humanity" and "The Blueprint: What the Movements that Changed History All Had In Common." Eric lives in San Diego, California.

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