Eric Haseltine

Neuroscientist, Former Head of Science and Technology for the U.S. Intelligence Community

Dr. Eric Haseltine was head of Science and Technology for the entire U.S. Intelligence community including the CIA, NSA and 14 other agencies. He served as Director of Research for the National Security Agency (NSA), Executive Vice President and head of R&D for Walt Disney Imagineering and Director of Engineering for Hughes Aircraft Training and Support.

With a Ph.D. in physiological psychology, Haseltine specializes in applying neuroscience to business methodologies and new technologies, using the manner in which the human brain interacts with situations to improve and enhance organizational performance.

Dr. Haseltine was awarded the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal.

He has published over 100 articles in periodicals such as Brain Research, Neuroscience, Proceedings and Discover Magazine where he wrote a monthly column called “NeuroQuest”, which was dedicated to exploring and popularizing new discoveries in brain research.

Haseltine holds a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley, a Ph.D. from Indiana University, and did his post-doctoral training in Neuroanatomy at Vanderbilt Medical School.

He holds 15 patents in the fields of optics, laser projection, special effect animation, and electronic media.

He currently consults both for Hollywood studios and Intelligence agencies, helping organizations in both fields identify and capture big bang opportunities.

He lives in the Washington, DC area.