Eric Lueshen

Co-Founder and Managing Director at LGBT SportSafe

Eric Lueshen is a diversity consultant and co-founder of the LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program, which helps create an infrastructure for athletic leadership to support LGBTQ inclusion at all levels of sport through programming, policy and public awareness initiatives. He is also a motivational speaker on topics such as authentic living, anti-bullying, masculinity, LGBTQ inclusion, mental health, engineering and sports. Eric has spoken at and consulted with numerous universities, businesses and conferences. As a place kicker for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 2003-2006, Eric was likely the first openly gay Division 1 college football player. He is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and podcasts. His drive has led to numerous accolades on and off the field. While finishing his PhD in biomedical engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Eric found a passion for LGBTQ inclusion in sport work and has vowed to make the world of sport a safe place for all. He is a member of GO! Athletes and actively contributes to organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, OutSports and the LGBT Sports Foundation.