Erika Lafrennie

Founder of Do You Even Wanderlust, photographer, artist, designer

It has been said that Erika Lafrennie bleeds the blue silt of the Zambezi. She definitely dances wildly to the beat of her own (Sub-Sahara African Ngoma) drum, and she even stormed the Great Wall of China once. At the age of two, she slid a cardboard box-turned-two-seater-airplane into the center of the front lawn, climbed in, contacted mission control, and never (ever) looked back. She has bragging rights at parties for holding an MA in Strategic Intelligence, Middle Eastern Studies, and Terrorism. She knows how to say, “Please stop touching me.” in 17 languages AND she can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue. She’s been to more than 27 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

After years spent working for the government, she founded The Wanderlust Trunk – a gift box containing locally sourced, unique handmade goods from a new country each month. Erika has always made an effort to get off the beaten path and away from the tourist trail, and it has long been her belief that the best way to “give back” was to travel to a place and support the local economy directly. The Wanderlust Trunk is a way for her to help others make the connection to a personal story and feel as though they are helping one person, rather than millions.

She blogs about her travels and tells the stories of the artisans and crafters who make the items available for purchase through The Wanderlust Trunk. Sometimes, she’s funny. Always, she is irreverent. Often, she sees ordinary, everyday things from a unique and special perspective.

You can reach her on Twitter @erikalafrennie.