Erin Davies

Creator of the documentary, 'Fagbug'

On April 18, 2007, Erin Davies' Volkswagen Beetle was tagged with the words "fag" and "u r gay" on the driver's side and hood of her car. Rather than get it fixed, she decided to embrace what happened by keeping the graffiti on her car for one year to evoke a dialogue with the general public about homophobia. Not only did she want America to see the spray painted words, she wanted help coming up with a solution. Erin planned a 58-day cross-country trip in her car now known worldwide as the "Fagbug" and produced an award winning documentary about the adventure that is now on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and in libraries all around the country. After driving the car for a year, Erin decided to give the car a makeover. She now tour with her rainbow Volkswagen Beetle speaking at Universities across North America. She's been to over 130 schools (including Yale and Cornell University) to bring awareness about hate crimes and to confront homophobia. Erin's been a guest on NPR, received sponsorship from VW of America & HD Radio, has been featured by ABC News, Newsweek, the BBC and Vanity Fair. Recently, Erin completed her masters in Art Education from Sage College and got married in Manchester, Vermont to Sonya Parrish. Erin and Sonya have sold over 60 paintings they've made together over the past three years.

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