Esther Choo, MD MPH

Emergency Medicine Physician, Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, Oregon

Dr. Choo is an emergency physician and researcher who studies health disparities, substance use disorders, and gender bias. She obtained her MD from Yale University, did her clinical training at Yale-New Haven Hospital and Boston Medical Center, and completed a health services research fellowship at Oregon Health & Sciences University. She has published over 65 research manuscripts on substance use disorders, health disparities, gender bias, and emergency care. She has written on health topics for, KevinMD, and Huffington Post. She serves on the executive board of and Women Physicians For Humanity, and started the #DoctorsSpeakOut project capturing the opinions of physicians about the Senate health care bill. She also created the #thatsbias hashtag to advance discussions of gender bias in medicine, and #codehate to raise awareness about racism in the healthcare setting.