Eugene Volokh

Professor of Law, UCLA

Eugene Volokh was born in 1968 in what was then the Soviet
Union; his family came to Los Angeles in 1975. He graduated from UCLA
when he was 15, and worked as a computer programmer from 1980 to 1992;
he's still a partner in a small software company that he cofounded. He
graduated from UCLA Law School in 1992, and went on to be a law clerk
for Judge Alex Kozinski and for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day
O'Connor. After that, he returned to UCLA as a law professor.

His specialties are free speech, religious freedom, church-state
relations, gun control and gun rights, cyberspace law, and copyright
law; he has written two textbooks, nearly 50 academic articles, and over
80 op-eds. He is also the founder of The Volokh Conspiracy blog.