Evan Michael Zislis

Professional Organizer. Social Entrepreneur. Bestselling Author. Helping people clear the cluttered path to the life we seek.

EVAN MICHAEL ZISLIS is a professional organizer, social entrepreneur, and author of the bestseller ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life & Save the World. Based in Aspen, Colorado, Evan's professional practice is focused on organization, operational systems, time & task management, content creation, and professional networking.

Evan holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Maine with a minor in Cultural Anthropology from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He returned to the University of Maine for his graduate studies, completing an MAT with a focus in Curriculum Development and Experiential Education.

Founder of ClutterFree Revolution (CFR) Academy, Evan's work has been featured in Inc, Modern Luxury, Interiors Colorado, Aspen Magazine, Aspen Sojourner, and numerous issues of Lifestyle Publications.