Eve Tahmincioglu

Digital Content & Social Media Expert, Writer, Editor, former @NBCNews award-winning journalist, CareerDiva blogger, & focused on leveling playing field for all

I'm a social media, digital content, web analytics and communications professional -- and an award-winning business journalist who focused on labor, careers, workplace, retail, the economy, STEM, poverty, gender equity, ex-offender reentry, small business, health care, B2B, veterans, personal finance, fashion, early childhood, education, and manufacturing. I most recently worked as Director of Digital Strategy & Social Media for a data-driven, news organization focused on advancement for women, minorities, LGBT, people with disabilities and veterans, and as Senior Director of Communications and Social Media for a research nonprofit focused on families, work, education and early childhood. I managed social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers; handled email/newsletter marketing; produced daily editorial content; handled media placement, speech writing, opeds, and press materials; produced and hosted monthly webinars and created ongoing video series, all with an eye to boosting engagement across websites and social media. I managed teams on all things digital, providing guidance on posting best practices; and handled web analytics monitoring, creating reports on a daily basis. I'm a SABEW award-winning columnist, most recently covering business for and, and I was also a small business columnist for MSN. I am author of "From the Sandbox to the Corner Office" and produced a blog called, which was named one of the top 9 must read job blogs by CareerBuilder. I was also named one of the top 10 career tweeters on Twitter by CNN and CareerBuilder. I've been a contributor to the New York Times, Business Week, Kiplinger's, The Atlantic, Time and Harvard Business Review. And I am a long-time mentor for The Oped Project. Contact: