Fabian Núñez

Former Speaker of the California State Assembly

Fabian Núñez is the former California Assembly Speaker, and is now a partner at Mercury, a public strategy firm.

Fabian Núñez was elected to the California State Assembly in 2002 and sworn in as the State's 66th Speaker in 2004. Serving three two year terms, he has served longer than any other Speaker since Californians adopted term limits in 1990.

As Speaker, Fabian Núñez fought to protect and nurture the “California Advantage” – its innovative industries, entrepreneurial spirit, research universities, environmental beauty and greatest resource -- the most productive workers in the world. He oversaw an annual budget of approximately $150 million with 1100 employees in over 103 offices statewide, and was the Assembly’s lead negotiator on the California state budget, responsible for four state budgets.

Núñez led the successful fight for more than $4 billion in infrastructure investments for California, including funds for school modernization and construction, affordable housing, and traffic congestion relief. He is perhaps best known for authoring AB 32, landmark climate change legislation that has become a Gold standard for other states and the U.S. Congress in addressing environmental challenges.

In previous legislative sessions, Núñez authored bills to curb pollution; aid small business; help the homeless; discourage predatory lending; improve working conditions for hotel attendant; and offer solutions to California's long-term energy needs. Núñez has authored bills that will help boost the availability of alternative fuels. His proposal to reform the state's healthcare system to expand insurance availability to nearly all Californians has won support from business, labor, and a broad coalition of health reform groups.

These accomplishments led Governing Magazine to write of Núñez “… [he]… is drawing comparisons with legendary Speaker Jesse Unruh, most crucially for his clear belief that speakership is about forging alliances and getting things done.”

During the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, Núñez served as a national co-chairman for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Currently, Fabian Núñez is a partner of Mercury, a public strategy firm. He also serves on the U.S. Soccer Federation Board of Directors and previously served on the University of California Board of Regents.

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