Faisal Al Mutar

Writer, Humanist and Computer Geek

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar is an Iraqi born writer, public speaker, community manager, web designer and a social activist living currently in the United States. He is an advocate for freedom of thought, science, reason and the free market of ideas and economy.

Al-Mutar is the founder of the Global Secular Humanist Movement and Secular Post.

He is a Community Manager at by Advancing Human Rights and he is also a columnist for Free Inquiry Magazine published by the Council for Secular Humanism of CFI.

He is on the editorial board of Applied Sentience, which is a multi-university project, and platform for the next generation of Humanist & Secular thinkers and activists, their mission is to find beauty in the world and explore how to live in it.

Applied Sentience works in cooperation with all six university Humanist chaplaincies and Communities: Harvard, Yale, American, Columbia,Rutgers, and Stanford.

September 11, 2014

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